Chemical Safety Training

In order to purchase chemicals, you must have completed Chemical Safety Training at UW-Madison. If you have not completed the training but would like to, go to the link below to sign up. Training is 2 hours long.

Do not purchase any chemicals that are flammable, combustible, oxidizers, reactive with water or air, or corrosive. Information about the reactivity and characteristics of the chemicals can be found on the SDS.

Once purchased, the chemical should be added to the chemical SDS spreadsheet; instructions for this can be found on the WEMPEC “How To” page.

Chemicals should be stored in the proper cabinet for safety. There is a flammables cabinet in the solder room for chemicals that will be used in the solder room, and there is a larger flammables cabinet in room B533 for all other chemicals. If the chemical is a non-flammable cleaner, it can be stored in the gray cabinet next to the solder room in room 1541.